To take advantage of complimentary email support for up to 30 days, your license key must be registered. If you purchased the product from the VMware Online store, your license key is automatically registered. If you purchased from a reseller, you need to manually register your license key in My VMware. Please consult thisKB articlefor detailed instructions on license key registration. Build and test apps and operating systems with ease.

  • If you want to modify the system for some purposes (e.g., debugging), select ‘Yes’.
  • In October 2019, Microsoft announced “Windows 10X”, a future edition of Windows 10 designed exclusively for dual-touchscreen devices such as the then-upcoming Surface Neo.
  • For Windows 10, you should select the newly created partition or the other hard disk as its destination.

Also, check if your CPU supports virtualization in order to use native virtualization. The driver Microsoft is using for virtualization (for Hyper-v) download vcruntime140_dll at doesn’t play well with other dirvers. Seems like this has been fixed – a combination of Microsoft providing a paravirtualization API and VirtualBox using it.

Option 6 Program Uninstallers

If this command does not list any VMs even though one or more VMs exist on your system, polkit succesfully restricts the action for unprivileged users. Find all libvirt-related files in the /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/ and /usr/share/polkit-1/rules.d/ directories. For detailed information on modifying your virtualization booleans, see Section 15.6, “Virtualization booleans”.

If you are confused between JVM, JRE and JDK then read my post on thedifference between JDK, JRE, and JVM in Java. This currently works for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X host platforms, provided that your host operating system can make use of 2D video acceleration in the first place. RDP is a Windows protocol that is used to access remote Windows virtual machines and Windows servers. RDP requires a port to be opened on the remote machine, VM or physical server. Because RDP ports are often opened to the Internet and available publicly, they are often attacked by the hackers and bots. To protect RDP instances, companies often use a virtual private network and a form of multi factor authentication .


After launching Debian, it should install and prompt to create your account. Since you can now install Linux systems, including Debian directly in Windows, let’s go ahead and install Debian. Before you can do that, you must first enable WSL or WSL2 in Windows. 2) Parallels Desktop versions older than Parallels Desktop 17 don’t support TPM on Mac computers with Intel processors in Standard Edition, only in Pro and Business Editions.

Step 6: Install Your Preferred Linux Distribution

Step 1 − Restart your computer and enter the BIOS setup. This is done by pressing a key just as the computer is turned on. The key you have to press varies from one system to another, but it usually is F2, F10, or Delete.

Once you find the problematic update, be sure to write its name down. Pay attention to the recent updates and memorize them or write them down. Navigate to the Update & Security section, and select View update history. Once your system restarts, the problem with Hyper-V should be resolved and everything will start working again. Select CPU Configuration and set the Intel Virtualization Technology option or the SVM Mode to Enabled.